Sunday , January 26 2020
Pudding Truffles

DIY Pudding Truffles

Remember when you saw that sweet-looking pieces of cake in the window of that pastry shop and was in awe at how much skill their makers must have to pull off such an amazing work? We’re here to tell you that you can too achieve the same result with no …

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baby shower

Baby Shower Cake

These parties are the perfect opportunity to shower the moms-to-be with sweet confections! Today, we have a fun baby binky fondant tutorial, followed by a roundup of our favorite creative baby shower cake designs. Make a baby shower extra-special with one of these beautiful (but super easy!) cakes. The cake …

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ice cream oreo cake

Oreo Ice Cream Cake

This Oreo Ice Cream cake is so yummy – you won’t believe how rich and moist the chocolate cake is! Hope you guys enjoy this recipe! How to Make Oreo Ice Cream Cake Ingredients: 1 box brownie mix 8 oz cream cheese, softened 1/2 cup sugar 1/8 cup milk 1 …

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hot chocolate cake roll

Hot Chocolate Cake Roll

Wow, straight out of pastry heaven, comes this delicious hot chocolate cake roll that you can really sink your teeth into! With layer upon layer of chocolate, icing and marshmallows all rolled into one incredible dessert, this recipe will trigger an explosion of decadent flavours that are guaranteed to please …

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checkboard neapolitan cake

Checkerboard Neapolitan Cake Recipe

This recipe tutorial demonstrate how to make Neapolitan Checkerboard Cake. Neapolitan checkerboard cake recipe & equipment: Checkerboard Neapolitan CAke Tutorial • 8″ chocolate cake • 8″ vanilla cake • 8″ strawberry cake • chocolate buttercream • vanilla buttercream • pink or strawberry buttercream • pink, white and chocolate candies • …

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Delicious Christmas Dessert: Strawberry Christmas Tree

Since Christmas is fast approaching, I decided to share some culinary ideas or DIY ideas to create a pleasant atmosphere when you stay with your family, friends or wherever you are on the Christmas Eve. This Strawberry Christmas Tree looks magnificent, and seeing ingredients …I can say that it is …

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german chocolate cake

German Chocolate Cake

Did you know that the German Chocolate Cake is not really from Germany? After all, coconuts are not really native to Germany so it does seem odd that this cake is named as such. This classic cake has some history but not what you may think. This is a Building on Recipes …

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