Friday , April 3 2020
chocolate pancake cake 101

Chocolate Pancake Cake Recipe

Seeing chocolate drip slowly will instantly make your mouth drool. Add whipped cream, a couple of strawberries and you almost got a perfect dessert. If you are dying to have such a treat, but aren’t exactly sure about the baking process or the spare time for it, try the pancake …

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peanut butter cup cake

Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake Recipe

If peanut butter is the ingredient of your choice, the following cake will leave you utterly full. The tasty peanut butter cup cheesecake recipe will show you there isn’t such thing as too much peanut butter! The rich content of cheesecake is covered with a dripping crust made of chocolate. …

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Christmas Tree Chocolate Cupcakes

DIY Christmas Tree Cupcakes

These are some beautiful Christmas tree cupcakes and are not that hard to make. At Christmas there is a lot of fuss about food and everyone tends to exaggerate at this part. If you want to prepare something out of the ordinary and different than last year, you should try …

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pipping flowers cupcakes

Piping Flowers on Cupcakes

In this video I demonstrate how to pipe a rose swirl, rosettes and a frilly flower on a cupcakes. The techniques are not new but for someone just starting out they may find it helpful. Piping Flowers on Cupcakes Tutorial Tips used for cupcakes: Rose Swirl – Ateco 852; a …

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fancy cake

Decorate a Fancy Cake in 5 Minutes

Piped on icing techniques. 25 year Commercial Cake Decorator and instructor provides step by step visual of cake decorating processes, tips , and tools as well as products. Liz teaches how to properly construct the cake for stability and delivery, sharing tried and true methods. These videos are a fun …

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christmas gift

Fondant Christmas Gift Cake

In this tutorial I demonstrate how to create this simple but effective 2 tier Chrismas gift box cake. Thanks guys for tuning in!! I hope you learned a little something new and maybe try something a little further out from your comfort zone 😉 Making lids on cakes is the …

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Lego Block Cake

DIY Cool Lego Block Cake

This is a perfect idea for a child who enjoys LEGOs or a childhood-inspired party for adults. My son is madly into LEGOs, and when he saw this LEGO block cake on websit , he fell in love. Build a block birthday cake that is fun and easy,kids will love …

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melted snowman cookies F1

Marshmallow Melted Snowman Cookies

How adorable are these melted snowman cookies ! Better yet, these Christmas cookies are easy to make. Impress your friends and family with these adorable ‘melted snowman cookies’ made with marshmallows, homemade icing, and sugar cookies. Melted Snowman Cookies You can make your own sugar cookie dough, use your favorite …

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Brownie Strawberry Santa Hats Recipe

Cute Strawberry Santa Hat Brownie

These Brownie topped with Strawberry Santa Hats are so cute and absolutely delicious! They make a festive addition to any Christmas celebration! They are perfect for Christmas party. Make your Santa hat brownies now… Santa Hat Brownies This delicious Christmas baking recipe is guaranteed to delight the whole family and …

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how to make a rose cupcake bouquet 4

How To Make A Rose Cupcake Bouquet

This is a simple yet creative way to display your cupcakes and perfect for special occasions like Mother’s Day or for that special someone’s birthday as a food gift. You can experiment with colors and flavors of the butter cream for any occasion. Rose Cupcake Bouquets What needed: 13 cupcakes …

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