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Decorated Cakes

carrot cake 1

Carrot Cake Recipe Demonstration

Carrot Cake never goes out of style and one bite will tell you why. This rich and moist spice cake, full of grated carrot and toasted nuts, has great flavor, especially when covered with a tangy and sweet cream cheese frosting. The interesting part is that while those pretty orange …

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How to Cover a Round Cake with Fondant

Learn how to cover a round cake with fondant. Create smooth, flawlessly finished fondant cakes using these simple steps and a few inside tips for Wilton Test Kitchen expert Beth Sommers. Tools/Ingredients: 10 in. Cake Board Angled Spatula: Tilt-N-Turn Ultra Cake Turntable Roll-N-Cut Fondant Mat Red Fondant Rolling Pin Easy-Glide Fondant …

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princess cake tiara

Princess Tiara and Buttercream Ruffle Cake Tutorial

The cake itself has an eight-inch tier on the bottom and a six-inch tier on top. Each tier is about four inches tall with four layers of vanilla cake (colored pink, of course!) and vanilla frosting in each tier. I coated each tier with a layer of buttercream frosting and …

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sharp cake

Sharp Edges On Fondant Cake

This tutorial show you how to achieve straight edges on your fondant cakes using 3 different methods. The important thing to note is that the buttercream or ganache frosting plays a super important role in this process. I will firstly show you how to create the sharpest buttercream cake possible …

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flat top cupcakes

Flat Top Cupcakes and Swirls

A video demonstration from Purple Cupcakes.”This short film shows you the range of equipment we use to bake, decorate and ice our gorgeous cupcakes. We use only the finest ingredients and you can see our recipe card over on the website. We show you how to make two tone buttercream …

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sprinkle cake 2 tier

Easy 2 Tier Sprinkles Cake

Look at this festive, colorful cake! There are THOUSANDS of sprinkles on it— and getting them there is easier, and less messy, than you might think. If you know a kid or kid-at-heart who would absolutely love this treat, then you need to watch this video from Rosie’s Dessert Spot …

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cake decorating with piping bag

Cake Decorating With Piping Bag

Kitchen utensils are very important to make good pastry and make pretty cakes we must have bushes assortment of pastry pockets and cream for tips. With 6 different bushes, fantasy and decorating ideas will have no limits. Discover the most bushes for pastries with examples and decorating ideas with the …

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ombre cakc cheat

Ombre Cake Cheat

This tutorial demonstrate how to create an ombre cake using the buttercream as the ombre pattern. I will have a video out soon demonstrating how to make the sponge as the ombre, but this is a cheaters method in the meantime for those of us who are pressed for time …

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skittles poke cake 1

Skittles Poke Cake With Skittles Buttercream

I love skittles, and I love cake, but who ever thought of combining them together into the ultimate dessert? The answer is YouTube user Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio. I am always on the lookout for something new to try in the kitchen, especially in the dessert department. This find couldn’t …

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ruffles frills

Beautiful Ruffles & Frills On A Cake

Before I get started, I’d like to mention that for *really* beautiful ruffles, you’re going to want to get a Garret Frill Cutter. But this tutorial is for those who, like me, don’t always have the time to order special equipment when they feel inspired to create…  Or, they just …

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