20+ Ideas baby shower cakes

baby shower cakes

The baby shower is a party increasingly common, takes this opportunity to get friends, the woman takes this opportunity to win some goodies and socializing with her friends.

Because for a while your attention will be focused on the baby. Usually the baby shower is organized by a most intimate friend of the pregnant woman, it shall invite the closest friends and family, the invitation need not be formal, can be done by phone.

At the party may be served a snack and the snack that is pregnant can surprise her friends with originality and good taste, are numerous options for cakes, cupcakes, cookies and popcakes you can do related to this time.

Baby shower cakes

Shaped bottle, the bib, pacifier-shaped cradle or even baby, the possibilities are many.

The color chosen for decoration and candy can be chosen according to the sex of the baby or the personal tastes of the pregnant woman.

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