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Decorated Cakes

How to DIY Beautiful Teapot Cake

DIY Beautiful Teapot Cake

The teapot cake would bring a pleasant surprise for any tea party of birthday celebration. The teapot cake actually looks easier to make than it looks. It involves making two dome shaped cakes and cutting a little bit of the bottom part flat so that it sits flat. Then it …

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DIY Barbie Doll Cake with Heavy Whipping Cream Frosting intro1

DIY Barbie Doll Chiffon Cake (FULL TUTORIAL)

My daughter loves the Barbie Doll Chiffon Cake very much. It looks so so adorable. I wanted to make one for her for long time. Finally I tried it today. It looks very complicated, but it’s not as hard as I had thought. Let me know what you think. What …

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minion sheet cake

DIY Despicable Me Minion Sheet Cake

The Despicable Me movies caught the heart of kids as well as adults. They are undeniably cute, outrageously funny and the characters are absolutely charming. Especially the minions! Unpredictable and mischievous, they’ll keep you in stitches with their clowning! They always bring a smile. How to make the Minion Cake …

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DIY Clay Animals

Fabulous Cake Topper Design Ideas and Tutorials

Here are great cake design ideas on cute animals for these who love bakery, or who love art. You can use play doh or clay, too. There are many more design by the young lady Betty, if you are interested, you can check it there by selecting the category at …

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How to DIY Ninja Turtle Cake Tutorial

DIY Ninja Turtle Cake Tutorial

If you want to deviate from the normal simple birthday cake and try something new and creative and your birthday star IS a Ninja Turtle fan, this awesome handmade Ninja turtle cake is perfect for you to try. It’s a bit adventurous, but will positively surprise your little hero and …

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DIY Adorable Pug Cake

How to DIY Adorable Pug Cake (Video)

This Adorable Pug Cake is so cute and sure to be the highlight of your next party! The cake is a medium 3-layer dark chocolate sponge cake, filled with peanut butter buttercream. The cake is covered and decorated with homemade marshmallow fondant. YUM. Pug Cake You can get the full …

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Amazing Maltesers Cake Recipe

DIY Amazing Maltesers Cake

It’s an amazing malteser cake. You can make it for you owner next party or proudly take to a party to your friend’s house. Amazing Maltesers Cake You will need 3 eggs, lightly whisked; 1 tbs milk, extra; 50g (1/2 cup) cocoa powder; 75g (1/2 cup) plain flour; 95g (3/4 …

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disney princess cupcake

DIY Disney Princess Cupcakes

Disney princess cupcakes, so beautiful ! My daughter loves it so much ! It’s perfect for all celebrations! A fun party, celebrate a birthday or another special occasion, or if you just want to enjoy a delicious treat for the fun of it, then this cupcakes are the food for …

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Strawberry Santa Cake

DIY Cute Santa Strawberry Cake

This Santa Strawberry cake is a sure way to brighten the Christmas dinner table this year. The cake with many cute Santas is made from strawberries and cream! It is a very nice recipe with very nice taste and fun for making! Enjoy ! Strawberry Christmas Cake

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Make This Stunning Rainbow Leopard Cake

Stunning Rainbow Leopard Cake

Making a colorful cake is nowhere near as hard as you think! If you have food coloring and cake pans you are already half way there. You need piping bags too. I have always been afraid to try something like this but after watching this tutorial I’m not as intimidated. …

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