Tie-dye cake: The trend cake

tie dye cake

Cakes follow several trends, especially in fashion. One of the cakes of the moment is the tie-dye. The tie-dye effect is very creative and works beautifully on decorated cakes.

The tie-dye cake is inspired by an ancient technique that gained more prominence with the hippie movement and today is a super trend.

Check here some ideas and models of tie-dye cakes

  1. Tie-dye cake ideas
    1. Tie-dye cakes
    2. Children's tie-dye cakes
    3. Tie-dye cake filling

Tie-dye cake ideas

These cakes are trendy, versatile, but more used for women's parties. You can use several techniques to achieve this effect.

The tie-dye can only be used to decorate the outside of the cake, but it can also be used on the inside, surprising with a colorful interior.

Tie-dye cakes

Children's tie-dye cakes

Tie-dye cake filling



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