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christening cakes

The christening ceremony symbolizes the first child with religion, was traditionally held in the first months of the child, but are increasingly parents who choose to baptize the first anniversary, the joining of several children baptized.

But for simpler or more pompous it is the feast of the Baptism cake is one of the important elements.

  1. How to organize the christening ceremony
  2. Cakes Christening Ideas

How to organize the christening ceremony

Start by talking to the priest at least two months in advance, this time serves to organize the paperwork and to attend courses (required by some priests).

The baptized person may or may not be accompanied by mass. Choose a suitable time to time of the child, especially if baby.

White symbolizes Christian dignity, but many choose other colors for the clothes of the child, if any, should choose the white cloth.

One of the most important elements of the ceremony is the candle which means that Christ is the Light of the World, the candle will follow his life in faith.

To make this moment even more special, choose a christening cake truly unique, there are several options, the difficulty is to choose only one.

Cakes Christening Ideas




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