Friday , June 24 2022


gumpaste sunflower

How to Make a Gumpaste Sunflower

Today we are going to make whimsical and fun sugar flowers, because that is my style. Watch this video to learn how to make a gumpaste sunflower! Using simple daisy cutters and creating a textured center, create a beautiful flower, perfect for accent on autumn themed cakes (or any time!). …

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vanilla cupcake

Best Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

Golden memories: Smelling sweetly of butter, sugar and vanilla, these classic little cakes bring you right back to when you were a kid and Mom baked you birthday cupcakes. Ingredients – 1 cup (225g) caster sugar – 1 vanilla bean – 1 3/4 cup (175g) cake flour, not self-raising ~ …

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chocolate mousse

Chocolate Mousse Filling Recipe

For serious chocolate lovers! This decadent chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling is THE thing to satisfy your chocolate craving! Chocolate Mousse Filling Recipe. Just a video to show you how to make Chocolate Mousse Filling. Sorry. not the best with measurements. So I had to go off on what …

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write one cake

How to Write on Cakes

Writing on a cake isn’t as hard as it looks. Follow these tips and tricks for piping. Piping Design drawn with paper piping bag, filled with butter cream icing. This design can be applied to any type of cake, just follow the chef hand movement to customize a cake in …

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gumpaste rose

How to make a Gumpaste Rose

Roses are the symbol of love, beauty, joy and romance, and what better way to enjoy them then in sugar? Sugar roses can be so lifelike that they mystify even the most experienced florist. Made with gum paste and petal dust, roses can come to life and become the perfect …

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royal icing wilton

Wilton Royal Icing Recipe

You can make this easy royal icing recipe with three ingredients: meringue powder, confectioners’ sugar and water. There’s more than one way to make this hard-drying icing. You can make royal icing with meringue powder, eggs or you can mix up a no-egg variation. Either way, this smooth, hard-drying icing …

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