Ben10 Birthday Cakes

Ben 10 cake

Ben 10 is one of the favorite characters of the boys, it is the case with your son surprised him with a birthday party with your favorite superhero.

Ben 10 is a popular cartoon that tells the story of a boy named Well with which many children are identified.

You can find various items for sale party on this topic as tablecloths, napkins, cups and plates, but can let their creativity by creating a table of refreshments really unique.

There are several proposals for cakes, cupcakes and cookies with this theme, from the simplest to the most elaborate.

If you do not want to spend much money can cover a cake with fondant or green sugar and put the puppets of Ben 10 on top of your child.

In beverages can be original and put green juices in test tubes sold on the Internet or in specialty stores, your child will love.

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