Friday , August 12 2022
minnie cake design

Minnie Cake Design

The eternal girlfriend Minnie is Mickey Mouse. It was created in 1928 by Walt Disney. Very sweet and friendly this small pussy with big black ears and a large loop is one of the favorite characters from the girls. Many girls and many moms choose this theme for your birthday …

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noddy cake

Noddy Birthday Cake

Noddy is undoubtedly one of the favorite cartoons of many children, especially the most brand new. It’s a nice doll, colorful and very friendly which makes the joys of children. For fans of this puppet Noddy is a huge range of merchandise, from books, videos, school supplies, clothing, gifts, cuddly, …

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homemade birthday cake

Homemade birthday cake

The cakes prepared at home have better taste, plus all the ingredients are made with love which gives them a special taste. The dough sponge cake is a favorite of the masses to make birthday cakes, is enjoyed by children and adults and can always fill and cover with your …

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princess birthday cake

Princess Birthday Cake

All the girls love the imaginary world of princesses. Love the clothes, the jewelry, hairstyles and their kingdoms color pink, princesses theme is an excellent choice for a birthday cake girl can decorate the rest of the party with this theme because there are many products with the theme as …

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birthday cakes for girl

Birthday Cakes for Girl

Birthday is a special occasion, especially for children who yearn for this day for months. The cake is one of the most important elements, and vain as they are, the girls love to surprise girlfriends with cake super original and fun. The theme of the cake should be chosen with …

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decorated birthday cakes

Decorated Birthday Cakes

Birthday parties are special moments shared with family and friends. The cake is one of the most important in recent years, the cakes decorated mainly with sugar paste or fondant gained more supporters. Cakes decorated with fondant, allow a personalized decoration, according to the tastes of the birthday. The decorated …

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boy birthday cake

15+ Boy Birthday Cake

The boys love to celebrate his birthday, although the themes are completely different girls, they love surprising their friends with a birthday cake fun, different and unique. The theme of the cake should be chosen with the help of the birthday and go according to their tastes or hobby. Cars, …

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