My Favorite Way To Make Homemade Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Yum! I can feel my resolve weakening. I could drink a whole gallon of this delicious homemade hot cocoa. After seeing how it’s made, you will too! Stay warm this winter with a cup of DIY hot chocolate.

I wish I’d thought to try something like this ages ago. In the past I’ve used water, milk, and cocoa powder. I think I’ll try this method soon because anything that calls for heavy cream and chocolate is going to be amazing! I bet it tastes better than watered down powdered chocolate too.

It would be fun (and easy) to turn into a *grownup* drink. Lol.

DIY Instant Hot Chocolate

There are two times when drinking hot cocoa is a must. The first is on a blustery day spent snuggled up on the couch in front of the fire. The other is camping. This is non negotiable.

There are many recipes that have you making the mix in advance but that’s no fun! Making the cocoa in a saucepan and serving hot and fresh is the only way to go.

Love The Outdoors has that recipe. Hooray! They have that and lots of other yummy campfire recipes you need to check out.

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