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Decorated Cakes

paiting cakes

How to Make a Painted Buttercream Cake

Learn how to paint on buttercream using edible icing color and our easy spatula brushed technique. Ingredients and tools listed below. INGREDIENTS – Ready-To-Use Decorator Icing – Color Right Performance Color System TOOLS – 8 in. x 2 in. Round Pan – Cooling Grid – 8 in. Cake Plate – …

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quilted pattern cake

How to Create a Quilted Pattern on a Cake

This is a video tutorial, demonstrating the technique for creating a quilted pattern on a cake. This method does not require special tools (like a quilting tool or impression mat)! You can create this effect with items you probably have already at home. All you need: -flexible cardboard (like a file folder …

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cake ombre effect

Create an Ombre Effect with Buttercream and Fondant

Ombre is everywhere — from fashion to even cake decorating! The term refers to colors that blend in to each other, usually from dark to light. In this video, we show you how easy it is to achieve a stunning ombre cake. Learn how to produce a gorgeous color pattern …

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rainbow cheesecake

DIY Awesome Rainbow Cheesecake (Video)

This is one of the go to recipes where you can enjoy making it with your kids. It’s perfect for kid’s party, with rainbow layers that appear on each slice of cake, it would be awesome to have a unicorn in my kitchen! Beyond being beautiful, it’s silky, smooth, light, …

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rose cake decor

Fabulous Rose Cake Decorating

If you love bakery, piping roses for cake decorating is a pretty start for most of us! Today we are changing the classic way of making small swirled piping roses, but a giant ruffled petal rose over the cake. Cake Style shares with us this stunning rose cake decorating which …

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rainbow petal cake

Rainbow Petal Cake

Surprise your guests with this rainbow colored dessert made using Betty Crocker™ SuperMoist™ strawberry cake mix – perfect for birthday celebration. This style of cake decorating is super simple yet incredibly effective. Most importantly it doesn’t require any fancy decorating equipment, just every day items found in most kitchens. So …

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pipping techniques

Buttercream Piping Technique

Believe me, you are not alone if you are afraid of piping! Piping takes planning, practice and patience. This tutorial will give a step-by-step overview of techniques that will make piping for cake decorating that much easier. Buttercream piping technique – easy and fast. Buttercream Ruffle Cake Decoration.

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rainbow mandala cake

Rainbow Mandala Buttercream Cake

Mandala drawings are no longer just for paper. We turn an average buttercream cake, into an edible work of art. This rainbow mandala is piped with beautiful buttercream, and is the perfect cake for the artist in your family. Materials * 8″ round cake – one batch of our Orange …

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fondant cake decorating

Fondant Cake Decorating

Take your cakes to the next level with this collection of the best and most beautiful fondant decoration techniques! In this video, see how to create professional-looking decorated cakes using fondant. You’ll learn how to coat, color, and adorn any cake using fondant. Sit back and drink in the compliments. …

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Cake With Babble Wrap

Decorate Cake With Babble Wrap

What tools do you usually use to decorate cakes? Piping bags, or balloon, lace which we’ve  tried all that before. How about using bubble wrap for an intricate honeycomb design? You’ll never believe how easy and creative it will be after watching this video from Cakes Step By Step, I’m …

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