Buttercream Basketweave Cake Design


Learn how to pipe the classic basketweave design. It’s easier than it looks! The basketweave technique may look difficult, but it’s actually very easy.

It’s an easy way to dress up your Easter cakes. Cover an entire cake using the classic basketweave technique or try a few new tips and contrasting colors to update your look.

Tips, tools and ingredients listed below.


  • Basketweave tip no. 47 and no:18
  • Disposable decorating bag:


  • Medium consistency buttercream


  • Before you start piping your basketweave design, cover your cake with icing that matches the color of your basketweave design.
  • Pipe at eye level to ensure strips are straight.
  • Spacing between each strip of icing should be the width of the tip opening.
  • Use star or round tips to combine techniques and give the basketweave technique a different woven look.

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