Minnie Cake Design

The eternal girlfriend Minnie is Mickey Mouse. It was created in 1928 by Walt Disney. Very sweet and friendly this small pussy with big black ears and a large loop is one of the favorite characters from the girls.

Many girls and many moms choose this theme for your birthday party, there are several models to follow from the more traditional black ears and red tie with white spots, or opt for the pink to make your candy decorations and more feminine.

Minnie Mouse Cakes

cake-minnie-decor decor-minnie-cake Minnie Cake Minnie Mouse 2-Tiered Fondant Cake Minnie Mouse Cake minnie-cake Minnie-Mouse-Cake Minnie-mouse-cake-design

For the birthday cake decorated Minnie ears can play with the balls and ties, There are enough variations. Can also serve cupcakes and popcakes the popcakes Minnie is a huge success.

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