Minions Cakes

Yellow, small and cuddly Minions are the cutest creatures in the film, they gained a legion of fans around the world are loved by children and adults who are increasingly opting for this theme for the birthday party.

Minions stole the scene in Despicable Me 2, the secondary characters quickly gained success and appear linked to many initiatives.

The theme birthday of Minions is one of the most sought after by children who love these characters and ternurentas with a rather cartoonish and colorful look.

Photos of decorated cakes Minions

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Minions Cakes

Minions allow play with the various facets of these sympathetic characters in the film, since the more elaborate cakes to simple, Minions of the cakes were a big hit at any birthday party and not only, some grooms choose to put these characters in their cakes grooms.

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