How to Make Nutella's Christmas Tree

how to make nutellas christmas tree

Christmas recipes are very traditional, each country or region has its own traditions. Fortunately, today, new modern and original Christmas recipes are emerging.

Nutella is one of the best known and most appreciated creams in the world. She is the star of the recipe that we are going to leave today.

Our suggestion for today is a Christmas tree filled with Nutella.

  1. Nutella Christmas Tree Recipe
    1. Nutella Christmas Tree

Nutella Christmas Tree Recipe

It's a simple and delicious recipe, with few ingredients. It's perfect to do with the family, especially with children.


2 puff pastry bases

3 tablespoons of Nutella

beaten egg yolk

Nutella Christmas Tree

how to make nutellas christmas tree how to make nutellas christmas tree 1



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