Friday , October 7 2022


christmas candy with marshmallows

15+ Christmas candy with marshmallows

Marshmallows are perfect for those looking for different candy ideas and options to serve and also to offer. You’ll be amazed at the inspired Christmas ideas made with marshmallows. These little sweets that everyone likes can create different and original sweets. Check out some ideas made with marshmallows for your …

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fun christmas breakfast ideas

15+ Fun Christmas breakfast ideas

Friends, family, food, gifts are many things that happen on Christmas Day, so it’s important to start the day right with a good breakfast. This meal can be even tastier and more fun for children if you use Christmas elements as inspiration. Today we show you fun breakfast ideas for …

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easy ideas to make a candy wreath

Easy ideas to make a Candy Wreath

Many people put wreath on doors. They are the guests’ first contact with your home’s Christmas decorations. Due to its huge success, there are always new things in Christmas wreaths. Today we focus on a growing trend which is wreath made with candy. Learn how to make candy wreath. They …

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fun christmas candy

25+ Fun Christmas Candy

Sweets are part of family tables on Christmas Eve. Each country has its traditional sweets, but with the evolution of time, new ideas for Christmas sweets have emerged. Christmas-themed cakes, cookies and cupcakes are a nice and tasty idea to decorate your table and at the same time captivate everyone’s …

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how to make nutellas christmas tree

How to Make Nutella’s Christmas Tree

Christmas recipes are very traditional, each country or region has its own traditions. Fortunately, today, new modern and original Christmas recipes are emerging. Nutella is one of the best known and most appreciated creams in the world. She is the star of the recipe that we are going to leave …

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amazing christmas cakes

20 Amazing Christmas Cakes

Sweets are not to be missed at Christmas time. Every country has its traditions, but a cake is something that most people enjoy. The idea is simple, a cake with the family’s favorite flavors and decorated with Christmas motifs. Today we show you some ideas for cakes decorated with the …

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