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rainbow mandala cake

Rainbow Mandala Buttercream Cake

Mandala drawings are no longer just for paper. We turn an average buttercream cake, into an edible work of art.

This rainbow mandala is piped with beautiful buttercream, and is the perfect cake for the artist in your family.

* 8″ round cake – one batch of our Orange Peach cake
* 3lb 6oz (1.65kg)
(I used the Wild Orange Oil for the flavouring, and some peach jam, as per the Orange Peach cake recipe)
~ exterior of cake – 1lb 5 oz (600g) Light Blue – Americolor Sky Blue
~ Filling Layers and decoration – 8.8oz (250g) Green – half Americolor Mint Green and half Americolor Lemon Yellow – 8.8oz (250g) Orange – half Wilton Creamy Peach and half Americolor Electric Orange
– 8.8oz (250g) Light Pink – Wilton Rose
~ Decoration only – 1.7oz (50g) Purple – Americolor Electric Purple – 1.7oz (50g) Dark Pink – Wilton Rose – 1.7oz (50g) Yellow – half Americolor Lemon Yellow and half Americolor Egg Yellow
* 8″ round cake board
* 7 Piping bags
* 7 couplers
* Piping tips No. 2,3,5,
* Round cookie cutters – 20mm and 40mm
* Ruler
* Turntable

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