Mosaic gelatin- The delicious dessert

mosaic gelatin

Mosaic gelatin is a simple recipe to prepare that little ones will love. Most people like gelatin, so it is an option to serve at parties.

Mosaic gelatin is that super creative recipe. It takes a little time to prepare, so do it the day before.

Check out the recipe and be sure to try it.

  1. Mosaic gelatin
    1. Instructions:

Mosaic gelatin


4 boxes jello (red, green, blue, orange)

(different colors to make it look better visually)

2 unflavored gelatin

1 14 oz can condensed milk



Start by preparing the jello following the instructions on the packaging).

Place in different pots and freeze until solid.

Remove jello from fridge and cut into small pieces

Mix the cream with the condensed milk and the unflavored gelatina. Mix.

Place the cubes inside the cream.

Take about 2 hours in the refrigerator.

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