Monday , September 26 2022
mini purple turquoise buttercream cake

Mini Purple and Turquoise Buttercream Cakes

In this tutorial Rosie demonstrate how to create these three mini turquoise and purple themed cakes.

White chocolate ganache:
200 grams white chocolate
70 grams heavy cream / whipping cream
half a drop of turquoise gel food colour

– 3x 4 inch cakes
– 3x 7 inch cake boards –or 6 inch cake boards work well too
– buttercream frosting — 1.5 cups in purple, 1.5 cups in turquoise
– white chocolate plus some vegetable oil, approximately 1/2 tablespoon for 150 grams of chocolate
– white chocolate ganache
– Americolour gel food colour in Turquoise and Purple
– Turn table
– spatula
– bench scraper
– medium piping bag for rosette
– 1M tip for rosette
– small piping bag with leaf tip — or cut inward pointing triangle into the tip of your piping bag= tip numbers 366 or 352 from Wilton will also do the trick.
– Small piping bag for ganache
– mini macarons
– large circle punch
– baking paper

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