Fondant Lighted Candle Cake

candle cake

This tutorial show you how to make a Fondant Lighted Candle Cake.

Fondant Lighted Candle Cake Tutorial

Yield: 1 – 12″ x 5″ Candle serves about 6 – 8 ppl


  • ¼ Recipe Swiss Buttercream
  • ½ Recipe Key Lime Cake baked into ¼ sheet pan
  • ¼ cup Raspberry Jam
  • 1¼lb Fondant


  1. Prepare all the base recipes in advance before assembly as per the video instructions

It wouldn’t feel like Christmas time if I didn’t make my famous Fondant Candle Cake!

Complete with lighted tea light and fancy winter decor!

I love the look of this cake and I was so surprised last year at how many people actually went for it!

I know this year many more will make it and I hope you do too!

You can choose any cake recipe and filling you love but of course you will need some specialty items and tools to make the decor.

To make the snowflakes out of fondant you need these special plunger cutters and Wilton silver color mist spray

The fondant I always use is Satin Ice brand, I find it to be the easiest to work with and it tastes pretty darned good too!

Follow the mathematical instructions I gave on the video below to get the correct dimensions for your specific project (but always add another inch or 2 to make sure you have enough space when it comes to wrapping! Always best to have more than less! But the Pi equation gives you a pretty close number!)

I used my Key Lime Cake recipe with Raspberry jam filling, but again you can use any recipe you like best. Just make enough for ¼ Sheet pan since that’s all you need to make the exact candle I made in the video below. Cut them into 6 rounds and you will get 1 ~ 5″ Tall candle that is approximately 3½ ~ 4″ in diameter

Poured fondant is also just a minimal amount you will need,  so you will probably have leftover; but why not use it up and make some Petit Fours to go with this stunning presentation for your dessert buffet this year?

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