Christmas Wreath Cake Decorating


Celebrate the holidays with this beautiful Christmas Wreath Cake. Perfect for sharing with friends and family, this cake videois a collaboration with Haniela’s channel. Be sure to check her out!

Christmas Wreath Cake Decorating Tutorial

* 7″ round crumb coated cake
* Sweet Buttercream (1.625kg/ 3lb 9.3oz) – I used half butter, and half shortening (Crisco) for this cake. – 900g (2lb) Plain color – 120g (4.2oz) Light red – Americolor Super Red – 140g (5oz) Dark red – Americolor Super Red – 160g (5.6oz) Light Green – 3 parts Americolor Forest Green and 1 part Wilton Ivory – 120g (4.2oz) Dark Green – Americolor Forest Green – 80g (2.8oz) Mid Brown – Americolor Chocolate Brown – 80g (2.8oz) Dark Brown – Americolor Chocolate Brown – 25g (0.8oz) Yellow – 3 parts Americolor Lemon Yellow and 1 part Wilton Ivory
* Desiccated coconut
* Spatula
* Scraper
* Piping bags
* Couplers
* Piping tips Wilton No. 2, 104, 352, 406 and Loyal 80
* Flower nail
* Turntable
* Cookie sheets
* Parchment paper squares

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