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1 minute mug cake recipe

5 Colorful Mug Cake Recipes

Now you can have cake whenever you want! And you don’t have to worry about making too much for one person and eating a billion calories by yourself.

There are three things I love about mug cakes. First, they are single serve. Second, they are quick and simple to make. And third they are delicious with so many delicious flavors.

1 Minute Mug Cakes: 5 Different Flavors Made in the Microwave

Mug cakes are perfect for entertaining too. When friends with multiple tastes come over everyone can have something to their liking in under a minute. Aren’t you the hostess with the mostess?!

I found some delicious recipes that you need to try. Funfetti, gluten-free chocolate banana, red velvet, apple crumble, and rainbow. Be sure and eat the chocolate warm!

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